We want to come together as a group of strong women to build actionable ideas and help identify the steps that we need to take to be an active part of anti-racism. We want to be honest with all of you, our members, that we do not have the best answers for how to move forward but we think beginning with a conversation is a good place to start. We want to work together to be a part of the story of ending racism and inequality in Baltimore, the state of Maryland, and ultimately the United States. We ask you, our MWCA community, to join us – to talk to each other and to act. Remembering that change is a road that emerges the more people walk on it, we invite you to walk alongside us on this path.

Below are some of the ways we will begin this work. We hope you take part in one or more. We recognize that there are many ways to educate ourselves and to get involved. If you have another idea, we invite you to share it with us!

Discussion Group

We will meet (virtually for the time being) every two weeks and have a discussion on a particular article, video or podcast that focuses on anti-racism. There will be no “leader” for these discussions; board members or others may take turns facilitating. We will be using this document to guide our content choices.

Session 1: Essay

Wednesday, July 15, 10am
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh
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Session 2: Podcast

Tuesday, July 28, 7:30 pm
Art of the Sermon, Episode 64 (May 17, 2018): Guest I’m Still Here author Austin Channing Brown
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Session 3: Video

Monday, August 10, 4pm
Author of White Fragility, Robin Di’Angelo
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As a group, giving back is part of our mission and we would like to look find local opportunities to give back to Baltimore’s Black community.

Action items

We would like to be a resource to our members.  So, this should be a place to come and find local resources, share local Black artists/businesses or to get involved in making a difference. We will continue to update this content with items that are shared with us from our members.  

Who we are

We empower women in creative professions to exchange ideas and inspiration within our private online forum. We also host learning workshops and social events, and offer local volunteer opportunities that impact our community.


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